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The Department Of Services group is a group of dedicated persons whom are interested in the public saftey feilds, forensics, and public services/servants. As of now, we have two very active units, the DOSLC Division (GTA IV)and the CEI Division. DOS was created in 2005 and continues to become a growing community.  Rarely we will be active in real life, yet we are very much real in the gaming world on GTA IV, NFS Hot Pursuit 2010, and GTA IV; BOGT. We hope to change the way public safety works in the future. If you are interested in our GTA clan visit This site runs as the backup or main site for the gaming clans. Then if you age from Hartford County, CT and play airsoft, visit If your interested in our GTA V activities, DOSLS go to

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This site is simply a main site for our gaming clans and airsoft team. If you are not looking for affiliation to our gaming clans then do not join. Be advised that this site does not reflect the views of companies that are responsible for creation of the games. Also none of the agencies,unless specified,are in any affiliation with us or real. This agency does not exists in the real world application of public safety and does not have any authority except within its gaming clans. DOSHQ holds no media or information regarding Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Playstation, Playstation 3, or Playstation Network as our own as they are stictly copyright of those respective companies and associates. DOSHQ also does not recognize any media or information regarding any mentioned games such as and including; the Grand Theft Auto game franchise, NFS Hot Pursuit 2010, and also the Call of Duty game franchise or the Battlefield game franchise as our own but in fact copyright of their own companies and their associates. Appearing badges were created with the assistance of .

Members' Disclaimer

No members or affiliates portray themselves as real public service officials in actuality unless they themselvesa are in fact part of a real agency.